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Wessex 2 Stroke Oil 1L

2 Stroke Oil Fully Synthetic JASO FD, ISO EGD, API TC

  • This red, premium, fully synthetic lubricant is the best for high performance 2 stroke engines

  • Synthetic content means greatly reduced exhaust smoke

  • Highly durable formulation over a wide range of conditions

  • Eases friction between piston and cylinder walls thereby reducing cylinder and piston skirt skuffing

  • Prevents pre-ignition and power loss by reducing unwanted combustion chamber deposits including spark plug whiskering

  • Reduces exhaust blockage contaminants

  • High film strength enables leaner fuel/oil ratio (where the engine manufacturer permits it)

  • Setting the Scene
  • Oil Viscosity
  • Specifications
  • What are Gear Oil Grades?
  • Grease Explained
  • What we selected and why